Releasing a Lamar River cutthroat.
Releasing a Lamar River cutthroat.

The high summer is here. Water levels are lower and its warm and dry. This doesn’t mean bad fishing! We are still having excellent days on the water. It does mean you may need to change your approach.

Try and be the first boat on the river, and the first person to hit a spot in the park. Not only do you fish over new water, but early morning means colder water temps and more active trout. We are seeing lots of hoot owl closures around the Yellowstone Region. (No fishing after 2 pm) If the water gets above 70 degrees give the trout a break, its too much stress on the fish. Cloudy cooler days are going to be the best all day fishing. If its cool and cloudy get out on the water.

The Yellowstone, Gardner Lamar, Slough, and Soda Butte are all fishing well still. Fish have moved into the middle of rivers and into faster riffles and pockets. Small Streams are slowing down near easy access points…. put in a little hike and you will be rewarded.

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  1. Janine

    That woman in the picture looks like a professional, the cutthroat was no match for her prowess.


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