Raft Race Win 2015
In order to make your Yellowstone vacation as enjoyable and memorable as possible, Flying Pig Adventure Company has assembled a team of the most knowledgeable, capable and friendly guides anywhere in the Yellowstone region.

From our river-savvy Yellowstone whitewater rafting guides, to our trail-tested horseback wranglers, to our “Let me show you the best spot” fishing guides, the people who will take good care of your during your visit are simply the best. Our guides may start out as your trip leader, but they soon become a dependable friend. Many of our guests request the same guide each time they return to Yellowstone!

Our first and foremost concern is always the safety and security of our guests. Our next concern is that you have a wonderful, memorable experience and enjoy every moment on the river, on the trail or at the lodge. To make that happen, we prepare and train. Our staff is certified in First Aid, CPR, Swift Water Rescue, and in some cases Wilderness First Aid. We do all of this to minimize dangerous situations and help you avoid trouble.

That said, we believe Yellowstone is simply the finest place on Earth, and look forward to sharing our passion and respect for the region with you. From early morning horseback rides as the sun creeps over the horizon, to rollicking whitewater rafting on Yellowstone River, to a quiet evening around the campfire, we try to make every day special for you.

We can’t wait to see you soon!


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