Summer is in full swing and we are loving it! We live to show the world how awesome vacation can be when it’s spent outdoors. From horseback riding to fly fishing we really have it made when it comes to summer fun. But we’ve also discovered along the way that there are many misconceptions about our type of fun. In particular, our Yellowstone river rafting adventures seem to need some fact checking. We’re ready to bust some myths and give you an accurate picture of one the best adventures out there!

Myth 1: River rafting is for thrill-seekers only.

Listen, we have no shortage of thrills on our excursions if you want them. But we also recognize that some folks may want to float along the river, take in the sights and not have their heart racing out of their chest. Maybe you just want to take in the scenery, spot some animals and float down one of the most gorgeous rivers in the United States. If so, our scenic float is the perfect fit. You’re even encouraged to bring a little drink and snack with you if you like. Now, that doesn’t sound too scary, does it?

Myth 2: I have to be a great swimmer to be prepared for a float.

Swimming is a great asset in emergency situations involving rivers. However, you won’t need to be an Olympic gold medal winner for our floats. Before your excursion, you’ll be outfitted with a perfectly fitted floatation device for any accidental excursions in the water. Your expert Yellowstone river rafting guide will also give you some instructions on what to do case you find yourself out of the raft. Just be prepared to make active movement toward the raft as your floatation device keeps you safely above water. Easy peasy.

Myth 3: I’ll miss being on my phone!

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a rant on how you shouldn’t be glued to your phone. We get it. Not only is it necessary to use electronics for business and for calling your mom, we’re all pretty much addicted to social media by now. The downside is that it can get really exhausting. And isn’t vacation all about rest and fun? That’s the beauty of Yellowstone, connecting nature to people while being face to face with them. You’ll be so enamoured with the sights and experiences of a river rafting trip, believe us, you won’t have time to miss your Instagram feed.

Myth 4: All floats are pretty much the same.

We’ve worked hard to make this one especially untrue! Flying Pig actually has four different floats to choose from. You can go anywhere from 5 to 18 miles on a rafting excursion. If that doesn’t sound like quite enough fun, then you can even take an overnight trip! We include all the gear, food and guiding while all you have to do is have a blast. If you’ve heard that we offer horseback riding and you can’t decide between that and rafting, you don’t have to! On our Paddle and Saddle adventure you can have a full day of adventure on this most popular choice.

If you had any reservations about Yellowstone river rafting before, we hope this destroys them all! And if you have any other concerns or questions, feel free to contact us at 888-792-9193. We know you and your family will have an absolute blast with us this summer. Hope to see you on the river!

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