Steve, Max, Shane, Lady, and I all floated the Yellowstone last night and let me tell you, it is on! The fishing was very good on Wolly Buggers of all colors in sizes 6-8. Shane is 7, and landed 2 nice fish totally on his own! Children 12 years of age and younger must wear a life jacket while floating, older kids and adults must have life jackets in the water craft but are not required to wear them. We floated by the fast water and heavily concentrated our efforts in the eddies and slow water sections. The fish are podded up in the slow sections because the fast areas of the river are raging. Trout don’t like to waste energy, so they hang out in the “easy” or slow water. The eddies and slow water sections can also be accessed by wading up, or down, the river. We were fishing Wolly Buggers olive, black, orange, brown, and purple color variations, and the fish seemed not to be too partial to any specific color. Location is the most important thing. Dead drift and strip your buggers through the slow water and you should have success. Below are Steve and Shane with a nice rainbow. Max caught his Brown on a “Bitch Creek Bugger”- black, orange, and white color variety. Give Max’s Brown a few summer months of eating Salmon Flies and Grasshoppers and he will plump up nicely. The Yellowstone is a great river to float-fish, or just float. See ya on the river.




Author- Brogan Ballard

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