The fishing in the Park is improving on a daily basis. IMG_1544The Gardner River is in ripe form and has been a fun place to fish if you don’t want to drive very far from the town of Gardiner. If you choose to fish the Gardner River the most important thing you you need to do is MOVE. The Gardner is still high (650ish cfs), so the fish are podded up in the obvious “soft” spots. We also have been taking several trips to the lakes we have near Gardiner. George (right) caught his first 7 fish on the fly at Cascade Lake! It was really windy but he pushed through and fished hard, nice job George!

IMG_1476 Also, Amanda and I went and fished Merrell Lake outside of the Park. She landed this toad Rainbow on the fly. I don’t know what is bigger, Amanda’s smile or her Fish! We are here in Gardiner and if you have any questions about fishing feel free to call our fishing guides: Brogan (406) 531-1838 and Tyler (616) 340-3936.

Author- Brogan Ballard

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