The fishing around Gardiner, MT is in full swing and it’s a really good time. The high water has blessed the fish with lots of room to swim around and feed. More water means more room… and bigger fish next year! We have been hooking into some nice sized fish the past few weeks. The Salmon Flies have moved their way into the Park, so Tower would be a great place to fish “The Big Bugs” right now. Here in the greater Yellowstone area the fishing is always good… but the catching right now has been cranked up to 11 (that’s a good thing!) Our rivers are running high and clear (unless it rains, then it runs muddy for a few hours) creating great environments for feeding trout.











Above left: Aiden with a fantastic Yellowstone Rainbow from our Ride to Fish trip.

Above right: Ray and floated the Stone and landed this little rocket ship on a Salmon Fly Pattern.

Below: 7 year old “Smiley Riley” from North Carolina landed several great fish! She got her hook set down on the first cast and was all smiles, all day!

Author- Brogan Ballard

IMG_1589 IMG_1591

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