Our rivers up here in the Northern park of Yellowstone National Park are fishing really well, and it is a really fun time. The Yellowstone River is dropping about 200 cfs (cubic feet per second) per day and the river looks better and better every morning. The only thing that could mess up fishing the Yellowstone is a “mud plug.” When it rains in the Park that rain water needs to go somewhere, and it normally comes down the Yellowstone. When that happens the river muddies up pretty fast… but then it clears up a few hours later. The other day we had a big mud plug because it rained a ton down at Yellowstone Lake. So if you are planning to fish in Yellowstone, or the Yellowstone River outside the Park be sure to look at the weather… or just give our shop a call at 866-264-8448 and we are happy to give you a weather report. These mud plugs clear up pretty fast, and are a rare sight up here. Just keep an eye on the weather and plan your fishing trip accordingly… Get out there and fish hard. We will see you on the river!

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