We have been fishing the YELLOWSTONE RIVER hard the past few days up here at the Flying Pig. The river is dropping 200-400 cfs per day at this point, and we LOVE this. The river is still high, but it is clear and there are Salmon Flies flying around all over the place.  We have been fishing the canyon at night and it has produced some nice fish. There are hatches galore happening right now: Salmon Flies, Yellow Sallies, Caddis (size 10), Drakes, and some other less prolific types. Basically, things are GOOD when the bugs are out, and they are out in a big way right now. It seems that Soda Butte Creek has been gushing some muddy water into the Stone so the water has been a little muddy the past two days. Soda Butte Creek flows down from Cooke City, where there is still A LOT of snow. We recommend starting out with a Salmon Fly/ Chubby- Dropper set up, and if that does not produce in the first 15 min (then the river is probably muddy) switch to the Bugger rig. The bugger rig is two Wolly Buggers fished 4-6 feet beneath an indicator. Get out there, fish hard. Stop by the PIG for any flies/stories/fishing permits/info. See ya on the river! Below is Shane with a great Yellowstone Brown Trout and Stephen with a gorgeous and feisty Rainbow Trout.

photo 1 (2)IMG_1575

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