chubbychernobylfinalSteve took his 19th trip to West Yellowstone this week to “improve the Pig’s marketing presence” in West. Yea, right. We all know Steve has made all these frequent trips to West because the Gibbon River is fishing VERY WELL on top (dry flies). Steve loves fishing on top. The Gibbon River flows out of Grebe lake and meanders its’ way south to Madison Junction. There are many ideal locations to fish the Gibbon and some of them are right next to the road, from Norris to Madison. Steve fished his favorite attractor fly: The Chubby Chernobyl. This big attractor fly imitates a moth, a Salmon Fly, a grasshopper, or a floating kitchen sink. Honestly, I do not know what the fish think they are eating when they hit a Chubby, but they nail it when they do. We have a ton of Chubbies in the fly shop, so stop on by… and go rip some lips.

Author- Brogan Ballard



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