The Flying Pig Adventure Company has a great reputation as the area’s top choice for Yellowstone Adventures.

The summer season is our busiest season for sure and this year was no different. We had a great time sharing the Yellowstone River and the surrounding area in and near Yellowstone Park with thousands of visitors to the area. Some explored by boat, some by foot, some by horseback…and some did an awesome combination!

It was late in July when a guest brought not only his family but also his professional video equipment on one of our most popular combo’s, the Paddle-Saddle trip. This trip combines a rafting trip with a horseback ride at our partner ranch, Hell’s A’Roarin’. The whitewater rafting takes guests down 8 miles of the iconic Yellowstone River, providing the perfect combination of splashes and scenery. The horseback riding takes place on a private ranch overlooking Yellowstone Park and gives riders a great western trail experience complete with views that take your breath away.

In the end, our friend put together a super cool video highlighting the whitewater portion of his day. Due to permit issues, they weren’t able to work in any horseback footage. Take a look at the finished product. We love it and hope you do, too!


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