FISH THE “STONE!” 6/22/2016

  The Salmon Flies are buzzing around the Yellowstone River right now! This is a GREAT time of year to book a float trip! The Yellowstone is a big river and is most effectively fished from a boat. Let us … Continued

Salmon flies

Sightings of salmon flies have been reported in the area. We are excited for their arrival. This signifies the beginning of the dry fly season. Salmon flies are the largest of the stone fly family, but don’t be afraid of … Continued

It’s Rodeo Weekend in Gardiner!!!

Come on up to Gardiner for the annual rodeo!! It’s a real classic here in Gardiner, bringing the community and families together and attracting cowboys from all over the state to come compete in all the classic rodeo events. There … Continued

Thinking about fishing?

    The fishing on the Yellowstone River is pretty darn good right now. Many of our guides have been taking advantage of the mild weather and have been hitting the river. The rigs are pretty normal “winter rigs.” Dropped below … Continued

The Yellowstone is Clear!! 7/14/15

Yellowstone fish have had a nice break over this last week and a half with all this mud but it’s cleared up and fishing well again.  There might be a bit of traffic coming soon as “hoot owl” closures have … Continued

HAPPY 4th!

Happy 4th of July from the Flying Pig! Things are getting really busy around here, but that is a great thing. We have been fishing The Yellowstone River and in The Park. the “Big Bugs” are at Tower, so if … Continued

Yellowstone Report 7/2/2015

The “Big Bugs” have moved up stream and are most likely at Tower. So…. If you are searching for Salmonflies, go to Tower. If you like floating The River, casting to fishy water,and enjoying a cold beverage then tie on … Continued

6/24/2015- Deans the MACHINES

The fishing on the Yellowstone River has been off the charts recently. “The Deans” (Junior and Senior) fished their brains out the other day. Senior out fished Junior, but old dudes do normally catch more fish… The Salmonflies are out, … Continued