Traveling in Yellowstone is often a family event and this includes our beloved pets. We recommend using a kennel service in one of the surrounding towns. If you do bring your pet into the national park there are some rules to follow. Failure to obey these rules can lead to a fine, impoundment, or the destruction of your pet.
Your pets may be in public areas parking lots or no more than 100 feet from any road. pets must be on a leash at all times and the leash cannot be more than 6 feet long. Remember to always pick up after your animal. you may not leave the animal tied up and unattended or leave kennels or dishes out of your vehicle. always leave plenty of ventilation and park in shady places when your pet is in the car.
When enjoying sites in Yellowstone National Park from trails and boardwalks you may not have your pet. Pets are prohibited from entering the back country. Animals have been known to jump into thermal features since they cannot tell that the water is at or near boiling.
Wildlife and pets can be a dangerous and deadly mix. Bears, wolfs, and eagles have been known to attack and eat domestic animals. Diseases like Parvo, Mange and Distemper can be transmitted to our pets and our pets can transmit disease to the wildlife. You must carry proof of vaccinations with your pet at all and deer 1dogs and deer

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