Anna Stone

Name: Anna Stone
Hometown: Ottawa, Kansas
What do you do in the winter? Ski instructor in Vail, Colorado and grad school through Boston University
Hidden talent: Crocheting tiny animals
Favorite meal in Gardiner: Shrimp tacos at the Two Bit

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Ciera Krinke
Amy Jordan

Name: Amy Jordan
Nickname: Amajamalamamabam
Hometown: Shawnee, Kansas
Hidden talent: Loudest burp in the West
Favorite meal: Taco Bell: cheesy gordita crunch, beans, no meat!

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Ciera Krinke
Aiden Campbell

Name: Aidan Campbell
Nickname: Rickets
Hometown: Lodi, Wisconsin, home of Susie the Duck
What do you do in the winter? Attend Yale University
Hobby: running, hiking, playing Bananagrams, listening to folk music
Hidden talent: Butchering caribou at 35 below, reciting poetry, telling bad jokes

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Ciera Krinke