Even though our snowpack levels are a bit above normal this winter, we have largely escaped the bitter cold and severe blizzards that have plagued much of the United States…that is until today.

We were greeted this morning by temps of -18 in Gardiner and none of our three vehicles would start for the drive to school.  After a quick jump start, we got the boys to school but had to take our time due to all of the elk and bison that have made their way into town to escape the snow and cold temps at higher elevations in the Park.  I never get tired of seeing herds of 30-40 bison and elk on the football field and right next to the school.  On days like today, I’m thankful for our toasty wood stove and I marvel at how well-adapted our native wildlife are to withstand what seem like unbearable conditions outside.

We have two more nights of severe cold and then we are out of the woods for awhile.  I’d like to let the elk and bison know that warmer days are on their way!

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