The summer season is winding down but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have an incredible family vacation. We might be biased, but Yellowstone is the greatest experience to have with your family. There are lots of reasons why but one of our favorites is the positive effect it has on your health. Keep on reading for our top 3 reasons Yellowstone river rafting has an awesome impact on your kids!

True Connection

One of the greatest parts about water rafting trips is real connection with your kids. With summer schedules being so busy, it’s easy to miss intentional time with family. A Yellowstone vacation allows for bonding through breathtaking experiences. Spotting beautiful animals, riding the waves together and being in each other’s company for a couple of days builds relationships in a way that other vacation options can’t even touch. Especially when your vacation is guided, it leaves the stressful elements to the pros. That way you can just focus on connecting with your wonderful kids.

Quality Sleep

Young people’s phone habits can have a large effect on many areas of their lives, and an unsurprising one is poor sleep quality. By now you’ve probably heard that the glow from your phone mimics daylight. This tricks your brain at night into thinking that it’s daytime which is why it’s harder to get to sleep after being on your phone. While on a river rafting excursion, your kids will not have the struggle of getting to sleep since phone reception is limited to none. As such, you can anticipate sweet sleep for your kiddos!

Mental and Emotional Health

Countless studies have shown a strong correlation between positive mental health and being outdoors. Away from the stressors of social media, city life and more, your kids will be free to be themselves without added pressure. Outdoor activities are often used as therapy for young people since it promotes brain activity, social activity and generally lowered anxiety. An adventurous trips to one of our most beautiful national parks allows for an educational and exciting vacation. Your kids will get a brain break

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