Many people believe that national parks fall asleep in the winter, but they couldn’t be more wrong. There are adventures of all kinds to be had in the winter, especially in Yellowstone!

We’d love to tell you about our favorite adventure and how you can sign up for it. Read on, adventurer.

Yellowstone in the winter provides a unique opportunity to see wolves and gorgeous scenery. The snow makes the gorgeous Yellowstone scenery a wintery wonderland. There are two exciting ways to enjoy our beautiful national park through Flying Pig.

  1. Road Based SUV tours from our expert guides who know all the exciting hot spots and must-see sights!
  2. Unique Snowshoe tours hosted by our guides who will tailor the tour to your level of expertise.

Let’s talk about the snowshoeing adventure! We love this back country excursion on Yellowstone’s Northern Range. On this trek you’ll see any kind of animal from deer, elk, fox, bison and wolves. Our wonderful guides will expertly lead you either on a short or long trek, depending on what you desire. We’ll provide snowshoes, trekking poles, warm beverages and snacks too! You’ll definitely want to bring great winter clothes to keep warm on your adventure.

All our trips are customizable but we have on deck two treks that you can choose if customizing isn’t your thing. First, we have the beginner short trek which is a trip from 2-3.5 hours. The cost is $99 per person which includes the guide, water, snacks, optics and gear. On this trek you can choose from multiple destinations. Two favorite are the Blacktail Deer Plateau and the Lost Lake Trail. Second, we have the advanced long trek. This adventure is about 5-7 hours and is $189 per person. Again, this trek includes snacks, water, optics, gear and of course our trusty guide. The two beautiful locations for this trek are Lamar River and Specimen Ridge.

Now, if you’re the DIY type of adventurer and you’re an expert ready to strike out on your own, we have an on-site Flying Pig Camp Store where you can rent snowshoes and scopes for spotting wildlife!

Whatever you decide, remember that we can customize your winter Yellowstone vacation. We aim to make your trip to the world’s first national park the best experience. We’d love to hear from you and start planning your trip. If you have any other concerns or questions, feel free to contact us at 888-792-9193. We know you and your family will have a beautiful time this winter. Hope to see you on the slopes!

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