Beginner’s River Rafting Tips

River RaftingRafting in Yellowstone Country is an amazing adventure unlike anything else. It allows you to get outdoors and get personal with nature while enjoying floating down a scenic river. Rafting trips are perfect for friends, families, and anyone else looking for a little bit of thrill. Here at Flying Pig Rafting, we help adventurers of every skill level find excitement on the water. This blog will review a few tips to help you on your first rafting trip. 


  1. Pick a Trusted, Professional, and Licensed Outfitter 

Choosing the right outfitter for your rafting trip helps ensure you are working with a knowledgeable crew that knows how to keep you safe and keep the fun meter dialed up! Guides are some of the first people you meet, and they will be the ones loading and preparing rafts, briefing your group on rafting and safety techniques, and leading your group safely down the river. It is important that guides have the proper training to make rafting a safe and fun experience for everyone. All of our guides are certified in swiftwater rescue techniques, first aid, and cpr, in addition to completing rigorous in-house guide training before taking commercial trips. Choosing a licensed outfitter like Flying Pig Adventures helps ensure your trip will adhere to professional safety regulations and keep the group focused on having an amazing time on the river. 

  1. Wearing the Proper Gear

Different times of the rafting season require different types of equipment to ensure a great time. At the Flying Pig, we provide everything that one would need for a comfortable rafting trip. This includes life jackets throughout the season, helmets, water shoes, and wetsuits during our spring runoff season when the water can be chilly. Rafters should come prepared with proper swimwear or athletic wear to provide a comfortable whitewater experience. Dry-fit material works great, and a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen are always a plus!  

  1. Listen to Your Guide and Use Your Paddles Correctly

 At the beginning of your rafting trip, your guide will provide instructions on proper paddling technique, and how and when to paddle when navigating the Yellowstone River’s whitewater sections. Guides help steer past obstacles and take you down the most exciting parts of the river and it is important to work as a team to collectively put your skills to the test. Listening for your cues to paddle helps ensure you have a fun and safe adventure. Although the Yellowstone has some of the best whitewater in the region, there are also plenty of opportunities to jump in and swim during our calmer sections. Your guide will give the green light when swimming is encouraged, and we are hard pressed to find a better way to immerse yourself into the adventure than with a refreshing cannonball in the Yellowstone! 

  1. Be on the Lookout!

Rafting across the country brings people to amazing places, and Yellowstone country is no exception. Even the road trip to Gardiner is incredibly scenic! Traveling through Yellowstone Park or through Paradise valley to get to Gardiner, it is not uncommon to see elk, black bear, deer, and bison. We also have plenty of opportunities to see wildlife on the river from the raft. We often see elk, deer, and antelope coming to the river’s edge for a drink of water. Rafters also see osprey and eagles on a regular basis, and even the occasional group of otters swimming. The Yellowstone River is home to some amazing wildlife and we love the opportunity to share our passion for the Yellowstone ecosystem and its wildlife with our guests. 

  1. Book Early

Rafting is a ton of fun, and a lot of other people love it too! To ensure you get a tour at the time you desire, make sure to book your trip well in advance. We often have same-day availability, but depending on the date and size of your group, we may not be able to accommodate you without booking ahead of time. 

If you are looking for some fun this summer, book a rafting trip with Flying Pig Adventures! We are the premier rafting outfitter on the Yellowstone River, and we would love to see you this summer.