Our Story

Perhaps you’ve heard the expression, “When pigs fly!”

It means that something is impossible, or at least very, very unlikely. Something only a dreamer thinks might happen.

That sort of optimism is the source and inspiration of our business name, Flying Pig Adventure Company. We are dedicated to encouraging people to push their boundaries and go beyond what seems possible. The reward? Ahh, a new understanding of themselves and what they know they can accomplish if only they would try!

The whole story goes like this:

Over 10 years ago, a young man named Geoff Faerber decided to combine his love for the river and his interest in business. So he made the decision to start a raft company here in Gardiner, MT.

About that same time, he started dreaming about going on an adventure where he and his friends would take sea kayaks from Gardiner all the way through the river system to the Gulf of Mexico…over 3000 miles! His grandfather heard about this and said that Geoff would do that when ‘When Pigs Fly!’. Taking this as a challenge, Geoff set out and successfully completed this amazing journey!

When it came time to name the new raft company, the name seemed obvious. Challenging people to do something they thought they would never do unless pigs fly…Flying Pig Adventure Company – it was the perfect name!

In 2011, Geoff has passed on the business to my husband and I and we are thrilled to carry on his legacy of asking people to challenge themselves to try something they thought they would only do….

‘When Pigs Fly!’

In fact, as the owners of the Flying Pig Adventure Company, we have done the same for ourselves. We got started with the hope that we could create an adventure company that celebrates this beautiful landscape and also makes a meaningful difference in people’s lives – to do something that looked impossible.

And here we are today, pigs flying through Big Sky Country with one of the most successful and exciting guide services in the entire Yellowstone region.

We are among the top outfitters in the area, serving thousands of customers from our Flying Pig Camp Store & Fly Shop in Gardiner, Montana. Since it’s beginning in 2003, many thousands of delighted guests have enjoyed a Yellowstone vacation or adventure courtesy of the Flying Pig and have gone home a little lighter and ready to continue looking for other new adventures.

Our little winged pig continues to inspire us to even greater heights in our pursuit of providing the very best, safest and most enjoyable trips on rafts, horseback, or on foot that the Yellowstone area has to offer. Most importantly, we want to inspire more people to take chances, explore nature and let their pigs fly! As a reminder of Geoff Faerber and all that he accomplished through the Flying Pig, we have placed front and center the actual kayaks used on his epic journey. We hope they serve as an inspiration to all of our guests.