North Entrance Update!

In the spring of 2022, Yellowstone and surrounding areas experienced an influx of rain, frigid nights, and warm days. This perfect storm created high water levels on the Yellowstone River and resulted in the June flood. As a result, Highway 89, running north from Gardiner to Livingston, MT, was temporarily closed and the North Entrance road, from Gardiner to Mammoth Hot Springs, had significant destruction. As you can imagine, or maybe experienced yourself, travel to Gardiner slowed very quickly and did not replenish itself to full capacity for the remainder of the season.

Thankfully, the community and nationwide response was immediate and inspiring. Clean up and planning began in the following weeks to restore the North Entrance and find an alternative route for the time being. On October 30th, restoration of the historic Old Gardiner Road was completed, providing public access to the park from Gardiner, MT. Once a stagecoach route, the 5-mile drive from the Roosevelt Arch to Mammoth Hot Springs offers unique scenery and a rich history that will make a special addition to your Yellowstone/Montana trip this summer.

Additionally, Highway 89 is open to all traffic and connects Yellowstone and Gardiner to the rest of Montana. This drive through Paradise Valley provides remarkable views of the Yellowstone River, Yankee Jim Canyon, and a variety of wildlife. Regardless of where you are planning your trip this summer, Gardiner can make for an exciting addition and is fully accessible from Montana and Wyoming.

Thank you to everyone who visited, sent your well wishes, or is planning to visit us this summer. The Gardiner community is resilient and your overwhelming support has played an important role in that. The Flying Pig is fully operational in all of our excursions, including, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, and fly fishing trips. We are beyond excited to host you this summer and provide the adventure of a lifetime.

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