Spring Cleaning

Fixing the sign on the Flying Pig deck

As the sun begins to melt Yellowstone’s snowcapped mountains, warm the river, and bring animals out of hibernation, we witness the spring’s beauty in Yellowstone country. These changes also signal the start of summer travel and whitewater rafting season!

Gateway towns, such as Gardiner, begin to fill with curious travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, and seasonal workers, all seeking adventure! Opening day for The Flying Pig is May 15th, but our season has already begun, prepping rafts, training guides, and getting our staff ready for a busy season. In preparation for this season, our hard-working team has come together to stain the deck, pump boats and ensure our equipment is all in top condition. We are thankful to have a crew that is so passionate about what they do and committed to providing the highest quality experience to our customers.

Training new raft guides

The Flying Pig Team’s enthusiasm for the Yellowstone River is contagious, and we areeager to share it with our guests! The first few weeks of May are a significant time for our raft guides. As our returning staff prepares for another season, new raft guides endure the challenge and physical nature of guide training. The rigor of our program equips our guides with the experience, skills, and endurance needed to host exciting rafting trips all summer while prioritizing safety and professionalism. Whitewater guides also complete swift water rescue and CPR certifications, so you can trust that you’re in good hands while making lifelong memories.


Flying Pig guides spend almost every minute of their day on or in the river, and few know these waters as well as our team. We operate our rafting trips on the Yellowstone River, so it is important that we observe the weather and snowmelt, especially in the early parts of our season. We use the metric, cubic feet per second (CFS), to know how high the river is and how fast it is running. This helps us understand what the water levels will be each day. Generally, May to early June is a steady incline to our high-water season. Late June, July and August bring a slow decline in water level but a pleasant increase in temperature, making it ideal for swimming. You can check out our recent blog to learn what month to visit based on your interests.

We are gearing up for a fantastic summer and hope you’ll join us! Please keep checking in with our blog for more information on the season and what is happening around our neck of the woods!