Yellowstone Whitewater Rafting Season Is Open!

The 2023 whitewater rafting season on the Yellowstone River is officially underway! During our opening week, we began welcoming visitors, training staff, and getting prepared for the summer season. The warm weather in the Greater Yellowstone area has kickstarted what will be our best season yet on the Yellowstone River.

Our Incredible Staff and River Guides Return

River guides falling out of a red raft in whitewater on the Yellowstone River.Our seasonal operation brings together adventurous people for a short period of time in the small town of Gardiner, Montana. This unique, shared experience harbors special connections for our seasonal staff.

Walking by our deck, if they’re not getting customers excited for the river, our guides will likely be found tossing a football or sharing a laugh. As a result, staff at the Flying Pig are more likely to refer to each other as a family by the end of the season.

Overcoming Challenges from the 2022 Yellowstone Flood

Last year, the Greater Yellowstone Area experienced a halt in operations as a flash flood shut down rafting operations for ten days. The leadership and dedication our staff displayed during these tough times was an impressive and rewarding experience. The Flying Pig returned 12 of 14 raft guides this summer, and it is incredible to see them return with determination to make this the best year yet.

Experienced Raft Guides and the Best Year Yet

River guide and group paddling through whitewater on the Yellowstone River.The beginning of the Yellowstone whitewater season is an especially exciting time for us. A time when our staff reconnects with old friends meets new ones and starts getting back on the water. This year, our season began with fourth-year guide Jaxon leading an adventurous family down the river. Though a little nervous beforehand, they returned with permanent smiles and lifelong memories.

As local businesses begin opening their doors, there is a notable energy in the air. Staff is coming back for the summer season, and our small town is getting to know each other as visitors begin passing through.

Dive into Adventure: Whitewater Rafting in Gardiner, MT

Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you the best way to experience Gardiner is to get on the water. The Yellowstone River flows right through town with runoff from Yellowstone Park. At this time of year, the river steadily increases as the snow melts from the peaks of the Gallatin Mountains.

The higher water levels create an exciting adventure with bigger splashes and a faster flow. Customers will feel the enthusiasm from our guides as we get everyone suited up in their wetsuits. The water is cold, but the adrenaline will keep you warm, and our guides will ensure you are having fun.

Whether this is your first time whitewater rafting or you are an experienced paddler, the Yellowstone River is a fantastic way to experience Yellowstone. Our guides stay updated on the happenings in Yellowstone National Park and are knowledgeable about the area for any questions customers may have.

Book Your Unforgettable 2023 Yellowstone Rafting Adventure Now

The Flying Pig is thrilled to be back on the river, sharing our beautiful corner of the world with every visitor. From start to finish, our guides are excited to curate an adventure and memory of a lifetime.

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