Rafting Adventures by Yellowstone Park

What could be more enjoyable than immersing yourself in the elements while taking in unparalleled views and stunning scenery? Whitewater rafting in Gardiner, Montana is a thrilling experience that provides a crazy amount of splashy excitement for outdoor enthusiasts and vacationers alike. You’ve never seen Yellowstone quite like this before! Our Yellowstone white water rafting in Gardiner, MT adventures are jam-packed with heart racing tours of Yellowstone’s rivers and offer the chance to embark on a unique experience with friends and family. Whether you prefer to battle harsh rapids, hike amongst endless trails, or enjoy a relaxing afternoon of fishing, Flying Pig Adventures has something for everyone to enjoy.



If you’re ready to ‘paddle and saddle’, join us for 2-hours of horseback riding by Yellowstone Park and explore the Gallatin National Forest on a trusty steed. We have expert wranglers who can take you on majestic horseback rides as you tour across Montana’s rugged terrain with friends by your side. After we treat you to lunch, you’ll jump into a raft and battle your way across 8 miles of America’s finest rivers while having the time of your life. A must-do bucket list item for many of our visitors, these family-friendly rafting adventures combine the two best ways to see Yellowstone into a day of pure joy. We keep our group numbers small to give you the best experience surrounded by your closest friends and family. You’ll navigate through stunning rivers and exciting rapids and witness some of the best views in America while making memories that you’ll never forget.


Even if you aren’t in the area – if you’re considering a vacation to Yellowstone, Flying Pig Adventures has Yellowstone tour packages to please everyone. Yellowstone spans across more than 2.2 million acres and is a sight to behold. Most visitors to the park (almost 98%!) don’t explore the offroad adventures and experience what Yellowstone is really about, but with so much to see and do, we’ve tried to think of everything to help you choose your own adventure. Our Yellowstone park tours include walking or hiking with dedicated guides who will help you to appreciate everything your eyes are taking in. All of our guides are Certified Interpretive Naturalists who enhance our tours with their enthusiasm, knowledge, and passion for Yellowstone and it’s wondrous beauty.



We’ve all seen those bumper stickers that read, “I’d rather be fishing” but what do you picture when you daydream about making a big catch? If you dream of quiet lakes surrounded by broad meadows and towering mountain peaks with the beauty of natural forests scattered across the landscape, Gardiner, MT fly fishing is exactly the getaway that you need. At Flying Pig Adventures, we’ve put together a team of avid fly fishers who can show you the experience of a lifetime fishing in Yellowstone National Park. Our flyfishing adventure has been designed for beginners and expert anglers alike and offers the ability to fulfill your daydreams of catching rainbow or cutthroat in a paradise setting.


At Flying pig Adventures, our goal is to show you a unique side of nature and help you experience fun-filled activities that will have your heart pounding for more. We don’t settle for boring tours or limited experiences – we give you the full treatment with each of our packages. Explore new places, enjoy the beauty of nature, and make unforgettable memories by thrusting yourself into breathtaking adventures that will make you feel alive! Ready to join us? Book your adventure now and make Yellowstone your next vacation destination!