Thanks for an Amazing Season of Rafting Adventures with Flying Pig!

The 2020 season is wrapping up, and we wanted to take a moment to thank all of our customers for making the choice to experience Yellowstone white water rafting in Gardiner, MT. Rafting with Flying Pig Adventures is a unique way to experience one of the most beautiful and iconic natural places in the United States, and the abundance of raw nature and expansive landscapes beg to be seen by new vacationers each year. There is something here for everyone, and our team was overjoyed to help you and your family create memories that will last a lifetime.  



We put a lot of effort into our rafting adventures, and nothing makes us prouder than to see families experiencing the outdoors together by whitewater rafting in Gardiner, Montana. We are honored that you’ve trusted our team to provide an unparalleled vacation experience and we look forward to seeing many of you again in the years to come! Our commitment is to continue to improve our tours so that each year offers something unique, and our guides have access to the best training to ensure a safe and fun adventure – all thanks to you!

Choosing Flying Pig Adventures for rafting adventures helps to promote healthy learning for children and gives them the opportunity to get outdoors and experience nature in a way like never before. Yellowstone whitewater rafting in Gardiner, Montana is a fun way to learn about our planet and how to effectively master the art of rafting. For many, it’s the field trip of a lifetime! With all of the digital technology available today, our adventures give kids a break from their screens and immerse them in the world around them, helping to promote an active lifestyle and teach them to respect and care for the earth.

Whatever your reason is for visiting Yellowstone; white water rafting in Gardiner, MT is sure to be the highlight of your vacation, and we are already excited about guiding you down the river next summer. If we didn’t have the pleasure of meeting you this year, be sure to book your spot for the upcoming season so we can show you what Yellowstone is all about! It’s never too early to book your rafting adventure, so contact us today and we’ll help you put the plans in motion.